Solar Battery Storage Solutions

Making the sun work for you.


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    Approved Solar Clean Energy

    Benefits of Solar Batteries

    With your solar panels sourcing power all day, it seems a shame to waste it. 

    Solar battery storage is a smart solution for collecting your clean, green energy to use when it suits you – not just while the sun is out. 

    By capturing this natural resource, your home or business can both benefit and contribute in several ways:

    Reducing your energy costs

    By storing solar power, you’ll have less need for the grid – and its pricey bills. It’s a long-term strategy for savings. 


    Choose when and how you use your power, day or night. 

    Lower carbon footprint

    Renewable energy use contributes to a cleaner future for all – relying less on fossil fuels and working towards the vision of net zero carbon emissions.

    Backup in a blackout

    During power outages, you’ll be able to draw from your battery reserves and minimise disruptions to your household or business.

    Avoid peak rates

    Many states in Australia have time of use (TOU) tariffs for commercial, industrial and residential energy use. Switching to stored power at peak times could help your hip pocket. Solar batteries have a range of capacities depending on your goal – from improving your energy independence to going completely off-grid. The options are divided into AC coupled solar batteries (on-grid) and DC coupled systems (off-grid).

    Frequently asked questions

    How do solar batteries work?

    During the day, solar panels collect sunlight and it’s sent through an inverter and switchboard to power your home or business. With a battery, you can store excess energy during the day and then use it when the sun goes down – instead of drawing power from the grid

    Do I need solar panels before buying a battery?

    You will need solar panels to take in sunlight so it can be stored in the battery. Hytech Solar can help with the big three – panels, inverters and batteries – from selection to installation. We only partner with leading suppliers.

    How do I choose the right solar battery?

    This will depend on factors like your budget, location and specifications. Hytech’s experts can guide you to decide on the right solution for your needs.

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