LG Solar Panels for top quality and value

Hytech Solar recommends and installs LG Solar Panels. LG solar systems offer exceptional performance and reliability; and their 25-year product replacement warranty is second to none.

Approved Solar Clean Energy

A trusted global leader in solar innovation, LG Solar Panels is the largest solar consumer brand operating in Australia and New Zealand.

LG are one of the few brands able to offer a meaningful 25-year product replacement warranty because of their strength and size.

An investment in quality now, will see a better financial return over time. Let Hytech Solar show you how the figures stack up and compare.

High-efficiency panels like those made by LG Solar Panels are at the forefront of technological advancement, and will have relevance for a long time to come. It’s a myth that continually upgrading cheap systems is the best way to keep up with efficiency improvements – in fact, it’s both financially and environmentally irresponsible.