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Hytech Panels & Inverters

We only provide you with the best panels and inverters for your home or business

Best Solar Panels in Australia

Hytech only installs the best solar panels available in Australia, all of which have a Tier 1 rating. Anything less is a compromise on quality, and poses a greater financial risk. The brands we work with all produce robust panels able to withstand Australia’s harsh and contrasting climate. These brands include: - Canadian Solar - LG Solar Panels - Seraphim - Trina Solar - Jinko Solar

Best Solar Inverters in Australia

Without doubt the most sophisticated element of any solar system is the inverter. It converts solar energy to electricity, feeding it to your home, and sending excess back to the grid. The Australian climate is not suited to all inverters – we only work with the best inverters, proven to last in our climate: - ABB - Fronius Inverters - Goodwe - Huawei - SMA - Zever - Solis Inverters

What's The Difference Between A Product And Performance Warranty?

A product warranty is provided by the manufacturer and guarantees that a solar panel or inverter will be free from defects in materials or workmanship during a specified period of time.

A performance warranty is provided by the manufacturer and guarantees the power output of a solar panel or inverter over a specified period of time. All of the solar panel brands above come with a 25 year performance warranty, and this means that the amount of power your panels will generate is guaranteed for the first 25 years.

Each solar panel and inverter has a specific warranty, and the warranties offered may change over time. Always check the warranty statement of a product before purchasing as only that warranty will apply to your product.

Our Solar Specialists can provide further information and recommendations on the type of solar best for your specific solution

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