Fronius Inverters – worth the investment

We've installed thousands of Fronius inverters and definitely recommend them. Fronius are a market-leading brand, making premium inverters renowned for being durable and reliable.

Approved Solar Clean Energy

Fronius inverters may be more expensive than some brands, but their quality and performance delivers greater efficiency and power. This makes Fronius inverters a better investment over time.

All Fronius inverters are certified by the Clean Energy Council and come with a minimum 10-year product warranty. They’re built to perform in and withstand Australia’s extreme weather conditions.

Fronius has a great reputation, built on the quality of their products and on their high level of service. They are always prompt to address any product issues. Product faults or failure is also rare.

An inverter is the heart of your solar system which means it’s important to invest in quality. The premium inverters from Fronius ensure you get the most value from your solar system going forward.

Fronius offers two types of inverter: standard and hybrid. A hybrid inverter lets you store your solar energy in a battery. Our team will help you decide which type of inverter is right for you. Fronius inverters are a premium product backed by a company with an excellent international reputation – learn more about Fronius.