Jinko Solar Panels – cost efficient and reliable

We recommend and install Jinko Solar Panels on Victorian homes and businesses. Jinko Solar is the largest manufacturer of solar panels in the world with a proven track record in Australia for more than a decade.

Approved Solar Clean Energy

Jinko Solar offers a range of quality panels for both residential and commercial projects. All Jinko Solar Panels are salt-mist corrosion resistant – a good choice for harsh Australian climates.

Jinko Solar Panels come with a minimum 10-year product replacement warranty supported by their reputation and track record. Their performance warranty is 25 years.

Jinko Solar Panels strike the right balance between cost and quality. Independent reviewers consistently rate them as one of the top-performers in the market.

Jinko Solar Panels are Clean Energy Council approved for the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme – Australia’s home solar rebate program. They are also the first solar company in the world to join the RE100 and EP100 green initiatives, committing to source 100 percent of their electricity demand from renewables by 2025 – Learn more about Jinko and their commitment to sustainable practise.