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About Hytech Solar

Hytech Solar's success is attributed to a focus on quality and longevity – we only work with the best of what the industry has to offer.

Our personnel have decades worth of experience in the solar industry, so you know you’re in safe hands

No solution, or building, is too big or small – we’ve done houses, shops, farms and large industrial warehouses. Government Rebates can be complicated, and different for every circumstance. We hold your hand through the process and make sure you access all that’s available to you. Our time in the industry also means we’ve built great relationships with energy and distribution companies to fast-track grid approvals and maximise feed-in rates.

We believe in delivering excellent products and services

Our solar specialists meet with you on-site to walk you through the individual requirements of your home or business. Our solar installers are locally-based, and take pride in being able to deliver efficient solutions that last for the long term. Our warrantied products go the distance to maximise your return on investment. And, the biggest Hytech advantage is that after installation we offer ongoing support, and maintenance, to ensure you get what you paid for. We also have financial solutions, through funding packages, so that you can pay for your system over time, while saving money on power along the way.

Hytech Solar are endorsed by major bodies so that you know our products are the best

The Clean Energy Council is Australia’s peak body for clean energy.

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Testimonials from our customers

My experience with Hytech Solar was fantastic. I had a number of quotes but went with Hytech because they translated the jargon and clearly explained how solar would benefit me and answered all my concerns. Their calculation on the expected savings was conservative and I have been pleased with the results.

Angela Condello, Belvedere Hosiery

Huge thanks to Hytech Solar Batteries for their assistance in getting our solar system approved and underway. Could not be happier with the deal and efficiency of the service. Thank you, highly recommended!

Julia Battams via Google reviews

Hytech Solar and Battery was the only supplier to offer a superior system, and one of only a few to include all costs, and stipulate a short time to complete installation. Per kW they were the most expensive, but I believe the superior technical quality, higher yearly production, chances of less problems, lower degradation over time and longer guarantee time, and no hidden costs, inspired confidence in me that I thought the extra investment was worth while.

Ronald via Solar Quotes